Ode to an Instructor’s Update

Michael Renner.

Master Hutton assisted Master McPhail at an Instructor Update course on 15 April. 2018
Here is my summary of that event.

Master Hutton, New Zealand.

I came here on a mission,
Of friendship and goodwill.
It exceeded my expectations,
And I’m a Glasgow man.

I may sound funny to you sods,
As I talk through out the day,
But I’m guaranteed ‘Fit for Purpose.”,
Cause I’m a Glasgow man.

We don’t talk much up my way,
A grunt a nod, an eyebrow raise.
We tell friend from foe by the kilt they wear.
Cause I’m a Glasgow man.

Let’s talk two step sparring,
Some simple rules apply.
I don’t step back for a guarding block,
That’s me, a Glasgow man.

From finger tips I spring and fly,
And gently so return.
You must be quick to catch me,
Cause I’m a Glasgow man.

I’ve et raw meat and Haggis,
Helped make me what I am.
If you move, I move. That’s my style,
Cause I’m a Glasgow man.

I know when I am leaving,
Regrets I’ll have a few.
Fond memories though I know we share,
Cause I’m a Glasgow man.