Words from Our President

Master Evan Davidson, VIII Dan, President ITFNZ


I wish to extend a big welcome to the new Editors and Publishing team of ‘Taekwon-Do Talk’ Mr Brian Ricketts, Mr Matt Pilcher (Editors) and who will be ably assisted by Mr Andrew Kellett and Mr Trevor Topfer.

Taekwon-Do Talk – The Official Magazine of ITFNZ Taekwon-Do was first published in the mid-eighties, as a single folded A4 page, and called TKD Talk. The name was changed to keep up with the magazine’s professional image in April 2005.

‘TKD Talk’ as it was known, when first developed over 29 years ago, was the brain child of Master Paul McPhail in the mid 1980’s.   He is now stepping down as the current editor of this amazing Martial Arts magazine from New Zealand.  He and his team have taken this publication from a simple leaflet-styled handout, to the magazine that helps define International Taekwon-Do in New Zealand today; a publication that is the envy of many International Taekwon-Do organisations throughout the world.


A huge thanks also to all the past editors of the magazine:
1987 – 1998      Paul McPhail
1999 – 2000      Phil Dunn
2000 – 2001      Hayden Breese
2001 – 2004      Mark Banicevich and Matthew Breen
2005 – 2007       Mark Banicevich
2007 – 2008      Mark Banicevich and Kirsty Irvine
2008 – 2009      Kirsty Irvine
2009 – 2017      Paul McPhail

I was looking through my files and archives at home and came across a number of the early TKD Talk’s.  The Earliest being May 1987, the front page of which is shown below:

All your contributions to this magazine are greatly appreciated, not only by our New Zealand International Taekwon-Do members but by many of our ITF Instructors and students overseas.


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