If you are reading this, then you have entered the new, digital version of Taekwon-Do Talk.  Our aim is to continue the fantastic efforts of Master Paul McPhail and his team of editors, who collectively, produced our magazine for more than three decades, the last 17 years as the high calibre hardcopy magazine most members will be familiar with. Going digital allows us to expand the scope and audience of Taekwon-Do in general, and New Zealand Taekwon-Do in particular. We can now include easy links to different pages on ITKD’s website, links to other Taekwon-Do websites, videos, and social media. This, the inaugural digital issue, contains all of the above.  But we want to expand the content to incorporate more submissions from members, particularly our junior members who are our ‘grass-roots’, the future of TKD in New Zealand. We are also delighted to introduced Mr Gerard Kelly (V Dan) from Australia, with what we hope will be regular updates of ‘Aussie’ Taekwon-Do. We hope to source similar updates from other members of the Oceania Taekwon-Do family.

We are mindful that many members appreciate some familiarity with the Taekwon-Do Talk content. We will continue with familiar articles and posts, such as Instructor Profiles and Tournament roundups. However, the new digital format allows us to extend our imaginations beyond the familiar; Taekwon-Do needs to take full advantage of the opportunities for communicating our art, our ‘Do’.

We also want to increase the National membership but to do this we need greater exposure. Taekwon-Do Talk digital will now be publicly available, expanding, we hope, the local NZ and International audience.

We look forward to your comments, suggestions, and importantly for future issues, your article submissions.

Enjoy the read!

The Editors


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