This is the third digital issue of our national Taekwon-Do magazine.  Like most previous issues, hardcopy and digital, there were a few nervous moments when we were uncertain whether there would be an issue – we had four articles in hand, but the response to our initial request for submissions was zero. Amazing what a bit of arm-twisting and cajoling can do, as we now go to press with 17 great articles.  Again, the topics are wide-ranging: messages from outgoing and incoming Presidents, one of our newest Masters, regional camps and tournaments, training, visiting distant Dojangs, the Do, and the third installment of news Across the Ditch.

An editor’s job is several things – it’s fun, it’s a learning experience, and it can be really frustrating. A paucity of submissions and tardy authors are the bane of any publication, and the cause of editor-conniptions.  We ask ourselves why, with a membership of about 3500 students, there is this constant struggle to wheedle even the briefest of articles from folks who train, compete, instruct, grade, or sit on the sidelines? Twenty articles from 20 students represents 0.6% of the membership.  Which means that  you only need to write an article every 175th issue, or at two issues a year, every 87.5 years!  This issue features a couple of authors who submitted 2 and 3 articles; they don’t need to write anything for the next 200 years!

I jest. Well sort of.  The digital format provides a neat vehicle to publish almost any kind of article – written, photo-essay, artwork (especially from our youngest students), videos. This issue features a poem. Perhaps you don’t like writing – instead look to photographic essays, that can convey as much information and meaning as words.

The bottom line, and one emphasized in a recent Facebook harangue, is that the magazine only exists with involvement of the membership. So please, start thinking about a contribution.  We would like to hear news from all the regions, at least once a year; all the Regional Directors should be making notes to that extent.  We would like to hear from young students (something like 80% of the membership are 18 or younger). And if you know a TKD student overseas who might be interested in contributing news about their country-region, then please let us know.

A big thanks to all those who contributed to this issue.


The editors.



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