I love books, the mustier the better. The oldest one I have was printed in 1670, and has a gift-giving inscription scribbled on the inside cover, dated 1759.  Books give me a sense of connection with people, the past. Some tales never age. But many of these pages gather dust. Because now I get 90% of my information from the internet.  This includes anything related to Taekwon-Do, ITKD, students, and clubs.

In NZ, there are three main outlets for TKD info and news:
1. The ITKD website, is the starting point for continuing and new students, and the curious. This ‘parent’ site guides you in pretty well any direction you want – history, the Do, management, who’s who, clubs, events, and news.

2.  NZ Taekwon-Do Facebook is a closed group currently with 1538 members. Any NZ student (or parent-caregiver) can ask to join; in fact TKD students from anywhere can request to become part of this community (just go to the FB page). Our FB has local and international news, announcements, photos, and (polite) banter.

3. TKD Talk, where you are reading this, is the 3rd venue for Taekwon-Do news, ideas, discussions, photo essays, videos – almost anything Taekwon-Do-ish, that has recently morphed into digital format.

There is, or at least should be, a kind of symbiosis among all three internet venues; this is something we are certainly striving towards. Each digital medium has a different raison d’être, a different emphasis, but they all, in the end, have a common goal; to promote Taekwon-Do.

So, folks, make sure you Follow, Bookmark, Like, or whatever it is you need to do, each one of these digital media slots.  They are part of your Taekwon-Do life.

We wish everyone an enjoyable and safe festive season.
The Editors



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